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Pandora Early Learning Centre

At Pandora Early Learning Centre, we believe that the early years are a special time in a child’s life. An exciting period of discovery, learning and development. We believe each child is an individual in their own right, therefore it is our responsibility to cater for the diverse needs of every child and their families. It is our goal to work with families to provide quality care within a warm and respectful environment, ensuring that each child feels safe and secure in their environment. Imbedded in our culture is the notion that all families are apart of our centre and are invited to make contributions to all aspects of operation.

Children need to be valued as individuals who are capable and resourceful learners, as well as active contributors to their own learning. Therefore, we implement a child centred program which is structured around the interests of our children. This program is in line with and based upon the principles and learning outcomes presented in the Early Years Framework (EYLF) – “Belonging, Being and Becoming”.

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For over 25 years in children’s service,  we have believed that the early years are a fundamental time in a child’s life, an exciting period of discovery, learning and development. We consider each child an individual in their own right as we strive to foster their sense of agency.

Please note when enrolling your child at the Pandora Early Learning Centre, please attend the school front office and collect an electronic FOB. This electronic FOB will give you access to the school site via Pandora Street gate. There is a fee of $50 when collecting the FOB, and upon return of the FOB we will refund you $20.