At St John Vianney Catholic Primary School Greenacre we believe that productive learning and positive behaviour are inextricably linked. We endorse a whole school approach intended to promote and support appropriate behaviours in all students. To facilitate this approach, our school is based on the principles of ‘Be You’ and the School-wide Positive Behaviour Support (SWPBL) framework to promote a safe, supportive and disciplined school environment.

Be You

Be you is a national mental health initiative for educators which aims to promote and protect positive mental health in children and  young people in every early learning  service and school in Australia.

At St John Vianney Greenacre our vision is to build a learning  community that is positive, inclusive and resilient where every child,  staff member and family can achieve their best possible mental  health. Be You empowers educators, helping them to develop  valuable mental health skills and knowledge, while also providing
an effective model for implementing a whole-learning community approach to mental health and wellbeing.

School Wide Positive Behaviour Learning

School-Wide Positive Behaviour Learning (SWPBL) is an educational initiative that fosters responsible student behaviour through a unified, school-wide behaviour program. For consistency all school rules are taught around 3 expectations which are;

  • We are Safe
  • We are Respectful
  • We are Learners

A consistent set of expectations across the school ensures that students are directly aware of what is required regarding their behaviour at school. As behaviour is closely linked with effective learning it is essential that children learn and develop the expected behaviour of the school.

Our School-wide Positive Behaviour Support program is coordinated by a School Leadership Team-including representatives from administration, teaching, guidance, behaviour support, parent groups and community organisations.

Each fortnight, all students are explicitly taught a behaviour concept or skill relating to the school-wide expectations to foster and improve our safe, supportive school setting. We use data and feedback to plan our School Wide Positive Behaviour Teaching Program and the areas of the focus for different times of the year.

At St John Vianney Catholic Primary School Greenacre we use the ‘Gotcha’ token as an instant reward for demonstrating appropriate behaviour both in the classroom and on the playground. These tokens are given by any member of staff when appropriate behaviours are being displayed. Student tokens are then added to their student profile.  Our positive behaviour matrix supports and promotes a positive school environment. (MATRIX)

Gotchas are given by any member on staff as an instant reward for demonstrating appropriate behaviour: